Reasons Why Online Poker Players Continue to Defeat

Online poker is an online gambling game that is currently popular. The Original Money Poker game that is played with an online system in Indonesia is a gambling game with the most enthusiasts. This online Poker Game System is designed in such a way that the players are made easier to register Online Poker on kartu poker.

Besides being easy, how to register online Poker is also free of charge, aka free. The ease of the registration system is the reason why a player can have an account on several Poker Sites at once. In other words, not all players who register at Online Poker Agents are poker players who are still beginners. Some of the applicants may be players who want to find new winds.

Some Reasons Real Money Poker Players Continue to Defeat

Players who are looking for new winds at other poker agents are generally players who have learned to play at a poker agent before. Because it continues to experience defeat, the player finally decides to stop playing at the poker agent. Instead, the player is looking for another poker agent to test his luck. Things like that are fairly normal because almost all online poker gambling players do it.

Although known as the most popular gambling game, online poker gambling is also known as the most violent gambling game. The reason is, it is no longer counted how many players have fallen victim to this online poker gambling game. Basically, there are a number of reasons that make most online poker gamblers have a hard time getting a victory in playing dewapoker.


If you are a player who is bored with defeat, then you are reading the right article. In this article, Admin will discuss some of the reasons why online poker players continue to lose. Intrigued by the reasons? Please immediately listen to the following:

  • Imposing Direct Self-Playing on the Big Table

This is one reason why online poker gamblers continue to lose. Because they can't wait to get a big win, the players immediately choose to play at the big table. Playing at a big table isn't wrong, what's wrong is that you immediately play on a big table without good preparation. Without warming up, playing directly on a large table is the fastest suicide step.

  • Fold too often

Well, the reason for this one defeat was due to the lack of knowledge about tricks and strategies to play poker. Well, this is the reason for the main defeat that happens most often to online poker players today. Players who experience defeat for this reason are generally beginners. Because it is still classified as a beginner, these players have not mastered the tricks of playing a hand card correctly. That's why these players often fold and only play good hand cards. The pattern of the game is very easy to read, so the players who do it will be very difficult to get a win. With a pattern like that, the player's chip will slowly run out just to buy the Jackpot on dewapoker.

  • Too Easy to get Baited

If the reason for this one is due to the weak control of the player in holding back his emotions. Players like this are players who are too confident and always underestimate their opponents. Although only holding a One Pair card combination, this player will immediately think that the card is the strongest. When lured by an opponent to do Raise and even All-In, this player will immediately follow him. When you experience defeat, this player will usually immediately release his emotions in an unclear manner.

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